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The magician shows a beautifully made metal chaffing dish. The lid is removed and the pan is shown to be completely empty. Cigarette lighter fluid can be ignited in the pan or a piece of flashpaper can be inserted that bursts into flames. Or the pan can simply just be shown empty. The lid is clamped back down over the pan and when it is reopened, the pan's load is produced! Perhaps it is unfortunate that the prop is called a "dove pan" because it can be made to produce just about anything that will fit in the pan. In fact most of the time magicians just produce silk scarves, candy, confetti, beads, and even a birthday cake! The prop's usefulness as a production item is limitless. This beautifully made prop is spun in steel and powder coated with gloss red paint. It features excellent craftsmanship and the small base attached to the bottom of the pan makes it more visible to the audience. Recommended. 0402RUMUDDOVEPAN_SING

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